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3rd Mayor – Lucy Lou


Mayor Lucy Lou

Elected 2008 Lucy Lou is a red & white border collie who has lived her whole life in Rabbit Hash.  She broke the glass ceiling in 2008, as the first female to be elected mayor there. (She was preceded by Goofy, the first canine Mayor, and Junior, the first black mayor). Running on the popular campaign slogan “The Bitch You Can Count On”, her campaign contributed $8087 to the total of $21,921 raised by the overall election. Lucy’s political aspirations began at the tender age of 8 weeks, when she came to the Rabbit Hash General Store for a Sunday afternoon of live music behind the old wood stove. It was a balmy April day and the town was full of future constituents, most of them fawning at her pink padded paws. Former Mayor Junior Cochran was there. Lucy Lou was inspired by his courtly manor and “stayed” political correctness. Upon learning that a dog could indeed be a mayor, set her sights then and there for that very career. She worked hard, graduating with honors and an Obedience degree from Northern Kentucky K9 College (where she learned to sit, stay, come and to not drag underwear out of the clothes basket). She spent as much time as possible in Rabbit Hash learning the ways of the town. She began giving guided tours to visitors, and took care to never, ever pee on potential voter’s tires.


Campaign Poster

Sadly, Mayor Junior passed away when Lucy Lou was about a year old. Although devastated by the demise of her mentor, she knew that the town of Rabbit Hash would soon be declaring a new election, as there are no provisions for interim mayor in the town’s bylaws. The election was announced in August, 2008 at the annual Old Timers Day festival with the caveat that the race would be open to all biped, tri-ped and quadrupeds who could chase a rabbit into the town proper within one hours time from wherever they resided. Ducks and geese were not eligible. Lucy Lou exploded into the political arena, ready with posters, handouts, buttons and kissing every baby she could lay a tongue on. The race was fiercely contested by 10 other dogs, a cat, an opossum and a jack ass. The question Mayor Lucy Lou is most asked is, “How does a DOG become mayor”? Her answer: “As with politics in every corner of the earth, the candidate with the most money wins. In Rabbit Hash, we’re just honest about it. Anyone of any age can vote, you can vote as many times as you like, and we encourage drinking at the polls.” Lucy Lou’s executive staff have been heard to say on more than one occasion, “We bought that election fair and square!”

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Since becoming mayor, Lucy Lou has given many radio and magazine interviews, appeared on news segments to promote local events as well as a Japanese pet show, attended charity events, served as spokespet for a women’s crisis center, shared a “Talking Points” walk with Bill Geist (CBS Sunday Morning), accepted a $1000 stimulus check from Reader’s Digest “We Hear You America Tour”, served as grand marshall of Covington KY’s Paw-Rade, appeared in a segment of “The List”,  and has placed 3 years in a row in the Best Elected Official category in CityBeat Magazine’s Best Of Cincinnati issue (winning 1st place in 2013). Celebrity aside, the mayor’s favorite responsibility is to greet visitors in Rabbit Hash. She doggedly trots up to every car, van, truck and motorcycle with stick in mouth, ready to welcome guests and promote her stick fetching “Get Active” program. (Apparently she she shares a lot of America’s first lady’s fitness objectives). She also enjoys swimming in the Ohio River and continues to give guided tours of the town.

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