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Posted by on August 2, 2016

RHrecruitment poster_lo


Rabbit Hash Mayor, Lucy Lou, has instituted term limits and is set to retire on November 8, 2016, opening the door to a new mayoral election for the town. She is the first Rabbit Hash mayor to NOT die in office. The new mayor will become the very first mayor of Rabbit Hash to succeed a living mayor.


Candidates may be biped, tri-ped or quadruped and must be able to chase a rabbit from their home to the Rabbit Hash town center within one hour’s time. (Ducks and geese are still excluded).


The election process will begin on Old Timers Day in Rabbit Hash on Sept. 3, 2016. Declared candidates will register by casting 1 (one) vote for themselves in the form of 1 (one) dollar at which time his or her name will be added to the tally board. Candidates may register any time between Sept. 3 and Nov. 8.

Voting is open to anyone, any age, anywhere in the world. Votes are cast by writing your candidate’s name on a ballot, then paying $1 to submit it. You are allowed to vote as much and as often as you like, and stuffing the ballot box is encouraged. Bribery and graft among the candidates is acceptable. The Rabbit Hash Historical Society will accept votes via this website through paypal, by mail and in person at the Rabbit Hash General Store. A tally board will be kept at the store and updated on this page.
The final tally will be held in Rabbit Hash on the evening of Nov. 8 in the store. Votes are accepted up until the last ten minutes. As in politics everywhere else, the candidate with the most money will become the next mayor of Rabbit Hash KY.

Candidates are invited to register and appear for an introduction to the public at Old Timers Day on Saturday Sept. 3rd! The distribution of campaign material and the kissing of babies is highly encouraged!

You can also declare your candidate on Your candidate will become official when the first vote is paid… um, cast!

Good luck and may the best man/dog/cat/jackass/or other species, WIN!